Open Microsoft Office - Open Microsoft Word - Open Microsoft Word with different methods

Open Microsoft Office - Open Microsoft Word - Open Microsoft Word with different methods 

First of all I will teach that how to start Microsoft Word by six method.

1)      Click on “Start” Button from start menu go to “All programs” After All programs bring you cursor to “Microsoft Office” and then click on “Microsoft Word”.
2)      Click on “Start” Button then click on “Run” and type “Winword” and click OK.
3)      Clicks on “Start” Button then click on “Run” and type the location of Microsoft word address that where it is located. If you want to open Microsoft word so you should find “Winword.exe“ file address and copy the Address of item and paste it in “Run” as given below. After paste of you address click on “OK” button.

4)      Right click on you Windows Desktop bring you cursor to “New” and then click on “Shortcut” button.
Then type the location of your item click on “Browse” Button. This is the address of “MS Word” program "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\WINWORD.EXE" and then click on “Next” button as given below.

Now ask from us that “Type the name for this shortcut”. So we want to give a name by the name of “Microsoft Word” and then click on finish button.
5)   Right click on “Microsoft Word” icon and go to “Properties”. Now go “Shortcut” menu 
      and type in “Shortcut key” area a shortcut. For example “Ctrl+Alt+W” which is given below.

Now as you click from keyboard “Ctrl+Alt+W” then “MS Word” will directly open.
6)      This was our last method to open “Microsoft Word”. To start this method  Go to “My Computer” then “Local disk C”, “All programs”, “Microsoft office”, “Office12” and lastly click on “Winword” icon... This was our first class lesson I hope you like it so I will post another class as soon as possible.


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Worked like a charm..This Windows Activator is great..
Nice collection of Full Version Software's .Keep it up :)

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Candy Smith

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