What is Microsoft Office - Free Microsoft Office training - Microsoft Office 2007

What is Microsoft Office - Free Microsoft Office training - Microsoft Office 2007

 I want to give a little bit information about Microsoft office 2007. Microsoft office is a bundles or packages of programs which uses in offices, banks, factories, industries, business and much more. Microsoft Office offer us to do all those works which are Mathematics, write a letter, write a Projects etc, we can do these all works with the help of MS Office software. Have you noticed that whenever a student get admission in computer institute after finished of "Windows Xp" the teacher starts them Microsoft Office course So from that we can notice that MS office is so important computer learning course. As we talked MS Office have a bundles of courses, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft Access and Microsoft front page, But I will teach in my site Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel with above 250 functions and formulas, Microsoft Access with projects, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Now I want to give you a little information about the branches of Microsoft offices. 

Microsoft Word:-

Microsoft word is a computer learning course which is a branch of Microsoft office. Microsoft word allows you to perform make a text page with comprehensive tool which need us to create a advance page. For example you can make a style of you text and also you can add a picture. Microsoft word use to create a letter, novel, newspaper, term paper, Result sheet, CV and much more.

Microsoft Excel:-

Microsoft Excel is a computer program which is use for calculation. We can make result sheet, records, projects and much more. Mostly we can use MS Excel in banks, offices, business etc…We calculate our value with the help of formulas and function in MS excel. For example =sum(A2:D2).

Microsoft Access:-

Microsoft access is a branch of Microsoft office but it doesn’t come with other version of Microsoft office. It’s use for creating a database, result sheet, report, project and much more..
The database of Microsoft office is made from 7 parts which is given below.

1)   Table
2)   Query
3)   Forms
4)   Report
5)   Modules
6)   Macros
7)   Relationship

Microsoft PowerPoint:-

Microsoft PowerPoint is a branch of Microsoft office which is use for different presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint has a comprehensive graphic tools which is use to create a advance page and also you can make a style of page. In PowerPoint we can also make slide show of text.



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