Word to Pdf - Word doc to pdf - Convert word to pdf

 Word to Pdf - Word doc to pdf - Convert word to pdf

Hello friends how are you? I hope you all will fine. Friends, today I am going to teach you a very interesting and most wanted tutorial which is “how to covert Microsoft Word document to PDF”. I will work on 2 methods, I know a lot of methods but if I teach more method then our tutorial will become boring so therefore I teach only 2 methods for you all. To convert your “Microsoft Word” file to “PDF”, follow these steps which are given below.

1)  First download “deskPDF” software from below address.
 2) After downloaded, install “deskPDF” software.

 First Method:-

1) Now start “Microsoft Word 2007”.
2)  Click on “Office button” then Click on “Open” command or Press “Ctrl+O” from keyboard. Then choose your “Microsoft Word” document which you want to convert to PDF file. After selected of your document click on “Open” button.
3)  After open of you document, Click on “Office button” then click on “Print” command and lastly choose “Print” from “Print menu” or press “Ctrl+P” from keyboard as given below.

4) Now select “deskPDF” from “Name” then click “OK” as given below. 

5) After click on “OK” button, preparing process will start wait a few second. After process, “Save” menu will appear; now write a name in front of “File name” and then click “Save” as given below.

Second Method:-

1) “Right click” on your “Microsoft Word” document and then choose “Convert with deskPDF” option as given below.  



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