VLookup Function - Use VLookup - How to use VLookup

 VLookup Function - Use VLookup - How to use VLookup

Another exiting tutorial in Microsoft Excel which “how to use VLookup function”. “VLookup function” is most uses and most useful function. With the help of VLookup Function we can find a value by vertical table. “VLookup Function” means “V” means “Vertical” and “Lookup” means “search or find” so now I hope you all understand from this Excel function. Now let’s practically work on this function. Follow these steps to use VLookup function.

1) Start “Microsoft Excel 2007”.
2) Now select “6 columns” and “2 rows” as given below.

3) Now go to “Home” menu and click on “Marge and center” command as given below.

4) Now write “Computer items and their prices” in this cell and then “bold”, “color” and make “border” of the cell as given below.

5) Now make two other columns by name of “Items” and “Prices” and fill the information as given below.

6) Now also make another two columns by name of “Items” and “Prices” at below of “Items” and “Prices” table as given below.

7) Now type an “items name” at the below of second Items column as given below.

8) Now type the below function at the below of “Prices” as given below.

9)       Now press “Enter”. 
10)  We have “F24” in function which is cell number of “Processor” at the below of Items then second is “F9:G18” which is the complete selected area of “Items” and “Prices” at the above table and the third is “2”, which means that our value available in second column of the selected table and the last one is “0”, we use “0” value for the “exact value”, “Exact value” means that as we typed we want that value.
11)  Now as we type “RAM” at the place of “Processor”, our value will directly change as given below.



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