OR Function | OR Function in Excel | Microsoft Office training

OR Function | OR Function in Excel | Microsoft Office training

OR Function returns TRUE if any of the condition are TRUE, Without that our value become FALSE. When we type OR Function in a cell so it will display (Condition1,Condition2.....)

What is Condition?
 Condition is something that you want to test and it can be TRUE and can be FALSE, After condition you can see (.....)  it means that we can write up to 30 condition. Now is the turn to practice practically.

1st Method:-

1) Start Microsoft Excel 2007
2) Type a “word” or “number” or both word and number, But i will write Both Number and Word in my this topic as given below.

 3) Now type this function (=OR(C2>70)), and our answer will become TRUE because our C2 value which is 100 so its more than 70. Number First Example was to use "Number" But now i will use "Word", Now type this function (=OR(C3="Knowledge")) at the front of Knowledge cell or anywhere where you want to find your value. And our value become TRUE  because  “C3” cell is knowledge and we want to know that Is “C3” cell is equal to Knowledge and our value will display TRUE, its means that “C3” cell is equal to “Knowledge” IF we type anything else at the place of Knowledge so it will become False as given below.


2nd Method:-

Now we will work on 2 condition or more than 2 condition, With the help of a comma we can go from one to another condition, So Now type this function ('=OR(C2>70,C3="Knowledge")) any where you want to find the answer, The value will become TRUE because both of them or TRUE, If we change there value with wrong value so it will become FALSE. 

This was our OR Function of the day, I hope you like that if you have problem, feel free and post your message in comment, i will reply as soon as possible


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