SUM Function | SUM Function in Excel | Microsoft Office training

SUM Function | SUM Function in Excel | Microsoft Office training

Friends, today we will work on a simple but most useful function which is "SUM Function". You will think that why you teach this Function because it is easy one, But Mostly students or friends do not that How it. So therefore today I have bring this function for those people who don’t know that how to use it. From the name you will know that what the meaning of “SUM” is. SUM means add, The Add of two or more than two values. To use this function, follow the steps which are given below.

1st Method

1) Start Microsoft Excel 2007.
2) Create a datasheet as given below.

 3) Use this function (=SUM(D3:D7)) at the below of Salary as given below.

Now save it by a name, I save it by name of “Useful Function”. We will work on this function in my Next method.

2ND Method

Now we will work on how to add bonus money with an employee salary, For Example, Boss of the office give 3000 money trophy To  Farhan for its good work, So therefore now we will work on how to add this 3000 bonus money with Farhan salary, For this follow the below steps.

1) Start Microsoft Excel 2007
2) Open the first datasheet by name of “useful function” as we saved it on our First Method.
3) Now put the below function at the front of Farhan "Total salary" cell as given below.

 4) Now add the “SUM Function” at the below of Farhan “Total Salary” which is (=SUM(D4)) as given below.

 5) Now drag the second Total Salary below as given below.

Now you can also find the value of Total Salary by using of “SUM function” at below of Total Salary Column.



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