Add a slide in powerpoint

Add a Slide in powerpoint

To add a new slide in MS PowerPoint 2007 first of all starts “MS PowerPoint” click on “Home” menu and then click on “New slide”. As you click on “New slide” a list of slides will open with some options which are given below.

Choose a slide which you want to need.
1) Duplicate Selected Slides:-
 With the help of this option you can take “Duplicate of your slide”. For example you are working on a “Title and Content” slide and you want to get a duplicate of it so for that time we use this option.

2) Slides from Outline...
Now we will work on this option that what are the properties of this option. With the help of this option we can get a topic etc from other program. For example we have a topic in “MS Word” and now we want to bring that topic from “MS Word” to “MS PowerPoint”. So for bring topic from another program to “MS PowerPoint” first of all follow these steps which are given below.
(i)         Click on “Slide from Outline…” option from “New slide.
(ii)    Now select your “MS Word” document which you want to open and then click “Insert”.
(iii)   As you will click on “Insert” option your text will appear in unarranged role. Bring your mouse pointer at top of topic and then click. Now fix it by the help of “Enter”. Press “Enter” again and again to fix the place of your text which is given below.



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