Create a certificate - make a certificate - make a certificate in Word

Create a certificate - make a certificate - make a certificate in Word

Today we have a great topic that how to create a English lanuage certificate. Yesterday i was thinking that what topic will better to teach then come in my mind that why not i teach to create a very designful certificate for english language. To create a certificate is very help you in MS Word that how it work and how we can use some useful commands of MS Word 2007. To create a English language certificate in MS Word 2007 follow these steps which are given below.

1)  Start "Microsoft Word 2007".
2) Click on "Page layout" menu and then choose "Landscape" from "Orientation" command as given below.

3) Click on "Page layout" menu then click on "Page color" and select "Red, Accent 2, Lighter 60%" color as given below.

4) Click on "Page Layout" menu then click on "Page Borders".
5) Click on "Page border" then click on color and choose "Red, Accent 2, Darder 50%". After choosing of color fix "width: 25 pt" and lastly fix Art to the following border or another any one you want and then click "OK" which is given below.

6) Click on "Insert" menu then click on "WordArt" command and choose "WordArt style 3". As you will click on "WordArt style 3" a menu will disply "type the name of institute, School name, Collage name, Institiute name" etc and fix the following setting and then click "OK" as given below.

7) Select your "WordArt text" then go to "Home" menu and click on "Center" command or click "Ctrl+E" from keyboard.
8) Now fill these information which are Name, F/Name, Level, Sex, Institute, and other informations which are given below.

9)  Click on "Insert" menu then click on "Text Box" and choose "Alphabet quote" from the list. As you will click on "Alphabet quote" it will appear in irregular rule so fix it at the right side and type "Picture" as given below.

This was the tutorial of the day i hope you like this topic. If you like my tutorial don’t forget about comments thank you for your visiting



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