Print a document - Microsoft Word

Print a document in Microsoft Word
This command is use for print a file. If you want to print a file so First of all, click on “Office button” then click on “Print” command or click “Ctrl+P” from keyboard. After click on “Print” command these options will appear.
1)      Printer
Name: Select your printer from this option
Properties: From this option you can fix your “Page size” and “Orientation” of page.
Find Printer…: From here you can find your printer.
  2)      Page range
All:  It prints all of you document pages. For example you have 1 to 20 pages so if you select this option then you will print all of your Pages.
Current page: If you select this option then you will print only your current page.
Selection: This option will display on that time when you select you “Text” and if you choose this option so you will print only your select area which you have selected before “Print” command.
Pages: From here you can choose you pages. For example 1, 5, 6, 9. These are pages number.
3)      Copies
Number of copies: From here you can select your pages copy. For example you have 10 pages in your document and you want to PRINT 3 copies of every page so then write “3” in the front of “Number of copies”.
Collate: If you check this mark then you will PRINT your pages like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Its mean it will print your “10” page from number by number and If you uncheck this mark then you will PRINT 3 copies of your 1st page then second, third…
4)      Print what: Select your option which you want to print.
5)      Print: Select your pages which page you want to Print, Old pages, even pages or all pages in range.
6)      Zoom
Pages per sheet: How many pages you want to print in one sheet.
Scale to paper size: Which kind of “Scale paper size” you want to print.



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